Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Starlight Mystery Shawl #1

I've finished my creative designing for this mystery, and now I just need to create the chart and figure out exactly how many stitches will need to be cast onto the needles to start the shawl.

It is going to be really pretty, I think. I can't wait to start knitting it!

Tonight is a quilt guild meeting that I need to attend, if only for a few minutes. I don't have anything finished for show and tell, and I have too much to do at home to stay for the whole program, but I did promise one of my customers that I would be there tonight. I'll drop in to see her, then I'll head home.

It's been a long day already. While I was in my loft, trying to finish a customer's quilt, my two little girls stole a loaf of bread from the kitchen. My loft is directly above their bedroom, but they were sneaky and didn't slam the door when they returned from their caper. I grew suspicious when I heard giggling and discussions about making a cake. I walked into their room to see most of a large loaf of bread broken into tiny pieces and crumbs all over the bedroom floor. Thankfully, they didn't add water to their "cake!" It took me much too long to get that mess cleaned up as it was. Water and bread crumbs would have been a horrendous mess.

Tonight will be a good night for a relaxing bath and some knitting time. I need some peace and quiet.

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