Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not feeling the Magic Loop love

I started my two green socks using the Magic Loop method last night.

The cable kept getting in the way of my yarn, so I removed one of the socks and concentrated on knitting just one sock using the method. I officially gave up on Magic Loop when I pulled one of my needles right out of all of the stitches I had just knitted.

Yes, the two circular needle method is more expensive, since I'll need to buy two needles in each size for the socks and mittens and gloves I plan to make, but I find that it's easier and less complicated than Magic Loop. Of course, that's just my opinion, and personally, I'm glad that there are so many sock-making methods out there. Everyone can find just what they need. :)

With that said, I also spent last night starting my first lace shawl over again. I keep getting halfway through the first clue, only to mess up on the lacework. This time, I am definitely going to create a "lifeline" through my stitching, just before the lacework begins. If I mess up, I won't have to start all over again. Maybe I'll make some progress on it pretty soon.

I need to get something (anything) finished for the Ravelympics this week. Finding time to knit or crochet is not very easy, though, but my husband is supportive, and that helps.

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