Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thank goodness for good news!

Princess is fine.  She just needs some very strong eyeglasses.  What a scary weekend, though!

My Rockin' Sock Club shipment is due to arrive in the next day or two.  I can't wait!  I've been totally spoiled, so I know what it will look like, but that doesn't compare to the fun of actually fondling the yarn in person.

I am such an addict.

I broke down tonight and ordered another set of 2.25 mm Addi Turbo Lace circular needles, since my local yarn shop is completely out and isn't expecting more anytime soon.  I do all of my sock knitting on two circulars (16" and 24"), and that size is perfect for making socks with Blue Moon Fiber Arts' lightweight sock yarn.  I have skinny feet, so using that yarn, those needles, and 64 stitches in circumference makes the perfect sock for me.  At least it has so far.  I'm sure something will come along and completely throw that formula out of the window.  For now, it works.

It would help a lot if I had the willpower to finish one project before starting another, but I don't.  Some socks require too much attention to work on during my social knitting nights, and sometimes, I just get tired of working on the same sock for days on end.

I have four size 6 circular needles, too.  All Addi Turbos and all 32" long.  Three of them have baby afghans on them right now.  Those are for babies (my future grandchildren) who aren't even conceived yet, much less in need of afghans.  In my defense, I'm making them using my own patterns, so I'd like to be able to show off my own finished product at some point (other than the close-up of the stitch pattern that's posted online right now).

Time to get back to my Charybdis socks, for July's knit-along.  Only a few days left in the month!

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