Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kittens and Knitting

Well, I joined a Black Cat owners' group on Ravelry, so I needed to post pictures of my kittens. I don't use the major photo places online (Flickr, etc.), so I'll take advantage of my blog to show off my newest babies.

Both pictures were taken of the cats when all they wanted to do was play. It's hard to use an iPhone to capture a moving animal, in case you didn't already know that. :)

This is Lucky, who is our male kitten. I wanted to name him Domino, but my seven-year-old son overruled me. Lucky has three white patches on his chest and belly, but it's hard to see them unless he's on his back or facing you directly.

This is Midnight, our female kitten.  We suspect that she and Lucky are siblings, since they were found in the same location and are approximately the same age.  Midnight had some health issues when we first adopted the kittens, so she is almost two pounds lighter than her brother right now.  Thankfully, she's gaining weight and will probably catch up soon.

So now you know who likes to interfere with my knitting at bedtime.  :)

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